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Many thanks on making our dream home a reality!  We know that it was made possible in large part by the builder we chose, and we are so glad we chose you.  Not only was the quality of workmanship at the highest possible standard, but your commitment to us, the customer, proved to be the most important aspect throughout the entire process.  You took the time to really get to know us in order to build a home that would fit our individual needs. 

Admittedly, we were a little frightened at the daunting concept of such a large project at first but after our first meeting with you, those fears were quickly put to rest.  You are a builder that can be trusted on all levels.  We put complete faith and trust in you, and you did not let us down!   It was very evident throughout the entire process that you always put your customer first.

We feel very fortunate now to be living in the home of our dreams.  We know that choosing a builder is one of the most crucial elements of building the perfect home.  We feel very fortunate to have chosen the perfect builder.

Rick & Kim

Its been six months since you finished our addition and we still love it! Workmanship and quality are top notch and it looks as good now as when you finished it. Everyone who has visited has expressed how beautiful it look, feels and blends with the existing home. If you would like to use us as a reference or to have new clients call, we will be happy to provide our input into your timeliness, attention to detail, reliability and adaptability to change. We would also like to say that we appreciate the fact that you were in our home supervising workers when we were both working, This feeling of trust is not easy to come by in today's crazy world. Lastly, thanks for allowing our puppies to roam the construction site while your people were working, they met you at the the gate everyday and they too enjoyed there daily beef jerky snack!

Thank you again for taking our visions and converting them into reality.

Michael and Sherene Wray

Hank Duncan remodeled our bathroom and it is beautiful! Not only was the project completed on time, Hank was there everyday supervising the work. Before we started the project, Hank was the only general contractor that took the time to explain each phase of the process and what we should experience during the project. We were not disappointed...great job!

Dana and Jacquie Parker

I just wanted to say a few words for you to share with others who might be considering you as their builder.
In full honesty, I had a great deal of trust issues at the start of our relationship which stems from past experience with other builders whom we have unfortunately had to learn the hard way.  I'm sure you picked up on that in our first couple of meetings.  You had patience with me and reassured me until I finally began feeling comfortable to let you prove that you were not going to be like any other builder before you.

We fell in love with a model home that you built but it wasn't on the right tract of land for us. We asked you to build us one just like it but on a different tract of land. You were eager to accommodate our request but kept telling us, "I never build two homes exactly alike" (another building trait that makes you so much different than the average builder). You spent a great deal of time driving us around to see other homes for some ideas on a different facial look until we finally agreed with some changes.  From the start you were very clear and precise with the plans and never forgot any detail that was discussed between us.

Things that I appreciate the most about your work is that you are HONEST, creative, a perfectionist, and you have so much pride in your work. You were at the job site every day overseeing the workers. Making sure that they did everything just right, and made them redo what was not exceptional work. You fully understand that the work that your contractors do is a direct reflection on your reputation and you take too much pride in your work to allow anything less than perfect.

I also want to add that while I'm not a visual person you did a great job in helping me and Ron to visualize each step of the way. It helped that you have the same taste as we do so we put our trust in you that we'd like what you wanted to do. We actually like the look of our home better than the model home. Ron and I are totally happy with everything and will recommend you to our family and friends without any concerns. Our son and his wife are already thinking of using you when they are ready to build their home. 

Thank you very much...... its been a pleasure working with you.

Mr. & Mrs. Maitland

We are very impressed with our shop and storage shed. From the time we discussed building it through the completion. The time frame of completion in one week was also met. As a general contractor, you were there to inspect all aspects of the construction and to manage the sub-contractors. When the completed, we also appreciated the cleanup of the area and not leaving unused material behind.

We would use you again anytime for construction or remodeling at our home, which is the center of our lives.

Thank you for you professionalism.

Dwight and Sharon Tiedemann

We just wanted to take a moment to tell you how delighted and impressed we are with our new home. From the start of the project we knew that we were in good hands. You took the time to patiently explain the entire process with us and answer all of our questions along the way. The quality of workmanship and attention to detail is superb and we could not ask for a builder more honest or conscientious.

We were amazed how fast the house progressed and how thorough and professional the sub-contractors were. You were there every minute to supervise and make sure that the job was done the way it needed to be done.

Our home reflects our vision because you worked creatively and diligently to oversee every aspect of the building process and we couldn't be more pleased with the final outcome. We gladly and without hesitation, recommend Duncan Custom Homes to anyone considering building a new home.

Many Thanks,

Kerry and Larry Humphries

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Finding the right person to remodel your home is stressful, knowing the price is right and the person is knowledgeable about what you want, and has the ability to get it done. We talked with about six different contractors. Hank was not the lowest, nor was he the highest. We were very, very lucky. Hank proved to be an excellent choice. He knew what we wanted and suggested other things and better ways to get the job done, for instance, where and how to select tubs, tiles, fixtures, lighting, etc.

Not only did he know all of that, he knew how to get it accomplished. He knew little tricks that we had not thought of; for instance, the slope of the half wall for the shower so that the water would not collect there. He helped with the selection of all things: the mirror, the lights and the counter top.

The people he used were very good at their job, and his prices were always reasonable. Hank always tried to accommodate anything we wanted. After the bathroom was completed, we got him to do additional work on our home, which, like everything else, turned out great. We cannot stress enough how much we thought of Hank as a person and his ability to do a professional job.

You are welcome to come see our GORGEOUS bathroom!​

James and Jonell Bailey

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From the moment we met you we knew we were on the right track to building a house. The lot we purchased would not have been our choice but you showed us how you envisioned a house on this lot and it came alive with possibilities we never imagined. You took the time to get to know us and help us create a home. Your pride in your work and your attention to detail helped us with our selections during the construction to create the home of our dreams.

You built the home as if you were building it for yourself and if it did not meet the Duncan Standard it was redone. You were always there to oversee every aspect of the construction and the special touchesyou made to make everything flow, the design you added to our tile work, or the soft close hinges for the cabinet doors. (Gregg is very grateful for those). The late addition of our outdoor kitchen where you took the components we ordered and created a masterpiece using the brick and stone to match the house. Even the mail box is a work of art.
You were always available to answer any questions and no matter what we needed, we have become accustomed to you saying “I have a number for that”. Our other saying that we have adopted from you is “it is what it is”. Man that says it all about life. We have had multiple people stop by to view the home for purchase and though they were disappointed that it was not for sale, after a tour, they were quick to get your number.

You and Sam have made us feel so welcome in your lives and community and we are fortunate to call you friends. We were lucky to find you Hank and feel free to use us as a reference.

Gregg and Robin Dolby 

Hank Duncan builds a wonderful home! We have been in our home for a little over 2 years and love everything about it. Hank is the only builder that we know of that stays with the project from beginning to the end. He stays on top of everything. He takes great pride in his work and always wants to please his customers. He also stands behind his work. He pays very close attention to details. We believe that any individual would have a hard time matching the quality and perfection of a Duncan home.

Tommy and Penny Gordan